all services provided at POUR HOMME are performed by a female technician* 
Respect is the decorum expectation and the presentation of any behavior less than such will not be tolerated. 
If at any point your technician is made to feel uncomfortable due to inappropriate behavior on your part your service will end immediately,

You will be charged 100% of the services scheduled and sexual harassment charges may apply.

We ask that you present your very best behavior while in the studio.

upper body hair removal 

brow 38.00 : nape 34.00 : arm half.58.00 .full.78.00 : underarm 42.00

chest 68.00 : back 68.00 : stomach 36.00

intimate waxing
male bikini
basic 68.00* : french 98.00* : brozilian 128.00

perineal tissue to tailbone

38.00 add on*

lower body waxing
 buns 48.00 : leg half.68.00 full.128.00


Manscaping Mr. Bear

For when grizzly isn't an option!
 Hair is removed from the Back, Nape, Chest, Stomach, Full Arms, Underarm, and Bikini area (style of your choice), and full legs.