vanity insanity - bb glow

vanity meets insanity when this two part facial takes bb cream to the next level.

reap all the benefits of nano needling with the beauty bonus of vegetable based pigment infused serums make certain you radiate your most gorgeous glow at all times no make up bag required.  

298.00 1 treatment 

1192.00 4 treatments

​pout ​precision

​micro pigmentation techniques are performed to attain balance and enhance definition along the natural lip line


perfect pout

micro pigmentation techniques are performed to perfect lip shape, size, and color. for the girl who wants to gloss and go!


beauty marked

​micro pigmentation techniques are performed to mimic the appearance of a natural beauty mark.


luxe lash line*

micro pigmentation techniques are performed to gently define and balance the eyes


​*please note this is NOT traditional "permanent liner" but instead a through evaluation of your personal needs and what gentle enhancements will improve your overall appearance. our technicians have been practicing the art of permanent cosmetics for 10 years and we do not recommend nor to we perform "permanent liner". gravity tolls with age and as your appearance matures we want to be certain that we are not left with permanent cosmetic mistakes of overdrawn and/or uneven application that may have been suitable or trendy in the past but now simply exaggerate crows feet, fine lines, and wrinkles. if we feel that you are after a look we simply cannot attach our brand to we will gladly refer you out..