​- face -
Bad Ass Brows
There is a formula to the fleek! Brows are sculpted to define

and accentuate your features and properly frame your face. 

Mama Bare and Baby Bare
Lip and brow waxing for you and your little diva in training.

The Bearded Lady
Hair is removed from the chin,lip, sideburns, eyebrow maintenance included.

- intiates -
Baywatch Babe
All American.
Hair is removed from the bikini line only

Neat and Natural
Trimmed...tamed... and
 3 fingers in from the bikini line sides and top leaving hair down the labia and on the mons

French Kiss
Come Closer.
Hair is removed from bikini area with minimal remaining i

n any pattern you choose (french style) Triangle? Landing strip? You call it!


Bare Derrière
A Beyond Bare Brazilian Experience.
Hair is removed from the bikini line, mons pubs, labia, perineum and anus.

your skin will always be cleansed and properly prepped to avoid cross-contamination

and banish bacteria during your Brazilian.

We finish your service with our signature bikini mask to reduce redness,

inflammation, and effectively eradicate the micro irritation that is common post wax.

a truly luxury service for you most intimate lady parts.  

The Love Below
Fulfilling your hearts desire.
hair is left behind in a heart shaped pattern

Like a Virgin
Waxed for the very first time.
Hair is removed from the Bikini line, labia, monis, perineum and anus.

(analgesic numbing gel) included.

By far the cleanest you've ever been.


Bikini Royale
A Bare Derrière service followed by a gentle ingrown eliminating enzyme steam treatment

and high frequency assisted extractions,

we finish with blemish banishing bikini line serums, and a brightening bikini mask.

the service you need to care for the skin down there

and leave your bum beautiful!

Mr, Bare

male bikini

basic 68.00* : french 98.00* : brozilian 128.00
perineal tissue to tailbone
38.00 add on*

- packages -
Great Glam Gams
 Mini Skirt Management!
Hair is removed from the entire leg and bikini

The Basics
Just the Things that are seen
Brow, lip, underarm, half leg

The Routine
Keeping it clean
underarm, brazilian, half leg

The Necessities
Only whats necessary.
brows and brazilian

The Essentials
For the girl on the go.
brow, lip, brazilian, 1/2 leg, underarm

Beach Walker Bare
 For when you almost bare it all.
 Hair is removed from half leg, half arm, brazilian, and underarms

Ms. HighMaintenance
for when everything is a must
Hair is removed from full leg, brazilian, underarms and brow maintenence is performed.

Bare Assets
Not a hair in sight!
Hair is removed from entire legs, stomach, entire arm, Brazilian, brow, lip, chin, and underarms.

Manscaping Mr. Bear
For when grizzly isn't an option!
 Hair is removed from the Back, Nape, Chest, Stomach, Full Arms, Underarm, 

and Bikini area (style of your choice), and full legs.

Mr. and Mrs. Bare
For Mama and Poppa Bear.
intimate wax service
for you and your significant other

wax service a'la carte*

: brow 28 : lip 12 : chin 18 : side burns 16 : half arm 32 : full arm 58 : underarm 32 : stomach 18 : buttocks 28 :

half leg 48 : full leg 88 : fingers 12 : toes 12

*female service only please see POUR HOMME male esthetics menu

for more details about services for men