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Get Silky Smooth Skin with SOIE by Préserver la Peau

Updated: Jun 24

SMART for a laser : SMOOTH for a lifetime

Exquisite French engineering reimagines permanent hair reduction at every strike with SOIE by Préserver la Peau. Equipped with SmartSmoothTM technology which assists the technician at the tap of a finger, totally customizing treatment, and comfort, for each patient. SkinClusivTM ensures a safe treatment is delivered to all skin types.

World class innovation delivers a diamond standard device that devastates the dermal papilla through denaturing the germ cell, effectively annihilating the Anagen hair in fewer treatments*, without trauma to the epidermis. Renowned technology that produces results in a class of it's own, blending all the possibilities of MedEsthetic practice at every wavelength. Four wavelengths on one system simplifies treatment transitions with ease.

Surpass simply smooth, and experience results as smooth as silk, with first in it’s class advanced innovation that improves dermal quality simultaneously; leaving not just smooth skin, but skin as smooth as silk.

Ice queen reigns supreme with Sapphire direct cooling, delivering temperatures as low as -30 degrees reducing thermal relaxation time via cryotherapy pre, during, and post strike; yielding treatments that are virtually painless.

Limitless Laser blends image enhancement from hair removal to skin rejuvenation; bringing the best of beauty treatments to your tableside. Tech assist settings diversify treatments, and consistently exceeds expectations outlined by the Federal Laser Product Performance Standard*.

*based on industry standards when compared to competitors

  1. 6 treatments effectively eradicates the necessity of regular hair removal hygiene practice. 12 treatments is our clinical endpoint for patients who present with conditions. For some this may mean having treatments that may be used as maintenance for patients that experience desired results prior to the endpoint.

Preserve the skin you deserve with SOIE -

SMART for a laser ⚡️SMOOTH for a lifetime


-Recent hair removal services or depilatory creams

-Lesions and open wounds in area being treated

-Abnormal moles and skin cancer

-Active infections, herpes outbreaks, and cold sores


-Hirsutism or unresolved hormonal issues that cause excessive hair growth, such as PCOS

-Blood thinners or medication that causes skin photosensitivity

-Diabetes, may impede wound healing

-Accutane® use in the prior six months

-Retinoids and procedures that leave the skin sensitive within the prior two weeks—

-Pregnancy, should be cleared by physician

-Suntan or self-tanning products

-Those that present with high risk or history of hypertrophic or keloid scarring

-Tattoos in area being treated

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