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How to Select Skincare that Works for You.

Skin is the largest organ on your body and it will be the only skin you get for life. Maintaining the condition of your skin from your scalp to your soles is a subject matter many overlook. It's important to understand that the decisions you make daily impact how your skin will age making it paramount to be mindful of the skincare you select.

Many clients neglect their skin for years and only find that as time progresses they are less and less inclined to love the lines they begin to see in the mirror. This leaves them on a quest to find filler and longing for a lift but even this can be avoided through conscious consumerism.

One of the reasons people neglect their skins needs is that they experience feeling overwhelmed by everything that's available. Without question, the single best way to take the guesswork out is to visit your esthetician, or consult with an esthetician you can trust. While I am one of the best estheticians the Houston metropolitan area has to offer I can't be everywhere at once! I can however educate you so that you can make the best selections and preserve the skin you deserve.

So what do I actually need?- Well that’s subjective but I like to break this down into two categories I like to call the THE BEST, and THE REST. “The Best” are the products that really work in your best interest to specifically correct concerns you face with your face; think reactive products. These products look like serums, actives, and treatments. “The Rest” are products that best support The Best and keep things balanced and synergistic for your skin; think proactive and protective products.

You might be expecting me to list products for each of these categories, unfortunately it’s simply not that easy. Skin routines are like prescriptions; what may make your “best” lineup may actually be the “rest” for someone else, which is why it’s important to consult a professional that can suggest a routine that works well for you.

How much should this cost me?- This is another question I get often. I’ve even heard comments like “all these products are expensive for no reason” and “my drugstore soap works just fine” the truth is there is no set price. What would be most advantageous is to select a budget that works for you. The most important aspect that affects the efficacy of your routine is your own ability to be consistent. If you select products that you cannot afford then they simply will not work for you; because you cannot use them consistently. The highest priced products are not always the highest quality, but cheap products can cost you later.

I have a bunch of stuff already what do I do with it?- You bag it up and bring it with you to your consultation. This is the BEST way to show your esthetician what you’re using and she can evaluate your haul and separate it into the “yays” and the “nays” and supplement where needed. In some cases, you may only need to introduce in office treatments to your current routine to enhance the efficacy of the products you already own. In other instances, it may be an option for you to keep some things and just add a product or two, or discontinue a few. The most considerate approach is to not just evaluate what you have but how long you’ve had it and how much is left. This will indicate use, eliminate products that have reached expiration, maximize what you have, and make room for things that work for you as your budget allows. It’s important to remember that skincare is an investment and not an expense. Failure to select the appropriate products for your skin could actually cost you more in the long run.

I'm already 40+ am I too late?- is it ever to late to be great?! Absolutely not. Selecting skincare that helps you accomplish your skin goals not only leaves you with a look you love but it can proactively prevent what’s to come and most importantly preserve the skin you deserve.

At Luxe Lair Esthetics we exclusively use and recommend Préserver la Peau. This line is comprised of effective actives and high performance professional products that work together to balance your complexion. Make a reservation with our estheticians for a sip and see to shop the collection so you too, can preserve the skin you deserve with Préserver la Peau. Virtual options for consultation and commerce are available now.



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