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Keep skin fresh and clean with Clarté by Préserver la Peau. 

Clarté is a chic, compact, complexion cleansing brush that effectively deep cleans your skin - eradicating the dead cells and debris that leaves your dermis dull and lack luster. It efficiently removes skin impurities,  loosens complexion congestion, and improves skin tone and texture all while being gentle enough for even the most sensitive, compromised skin types. High-frequency vibration and pulsation invigorates the skin leaving it supple, smooth, clean, and radiant. Medical grade silicone makes this beauty brush resistant to bacteria build-up and a breeze to clean. Its water-resistant design, makes it safe for use in the bath or shower. 

Directions for use: Apply your preferred Préserver la Peau cleanser to the silicone bristles and massage into wet skin in circular motions for 1-3 mins or as directed by your skin care product or professional. Splash rinsing is not recommended when using with Préserver la Peau. Instead, use a moist warm towel to remove residual cleanser. Follow with toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen or night cream. 

Features: Efficiently removes skin impurities such as environmental debris and cosmetics, loosens congestion, improves skin texture and tone.

Diamond type, multi-tasking, multi directional, silicone bristles are designed to deep clean clogged pores and hard-to-reach areas; like the sides of your nose and fine lines and wrinkles.

Multiple settings for areas with different needs and speeds up to 10,000vpm.

It’s aerodynamic shape, and featherweight design feels good in your hand and gently cleanses delicate skin up to your waterline without compromising skin integrity.

Easy to use (and clean) design

featuring medical grade silicone bristles, which are non-porous and anti-microbial, as opposed to nylon bristles that are difficult to disinfect potentially spreading problem starters, breaking sensitive skin barriers which compromises the skin, and unsustainable since they require regular replacement.

Serum application feature prevents your fingertips and hands from absorbing clinical concentrates your complexion craves.

Firming massage feature that stimulates your lymphatic system to help reduce puffiness.

Doesn’t require batteries or replacement part which is both cost efficient and effortless to maintain ensuring maximum use throughout the life span

Stain and water resistant keeping it clean and cute and safe for use in the shower or at the sink

1.5hr charge time = 50* uses eliminating unnecessary countertop clutter with daily charging bases and cords

Don’t delay purchase yours today! 

preserve la peau: CLARTÉ
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