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Reservation Requirements 

spa policies

Reservations can be made online 24/7 for your convenience. To decrease the likelihood of error we ask that all initial appointments be booked online so that we have all your information collected accurately. If you would rather book by phone please understand that the same requirements listed below apply.

We ask that you make sure you enter the correct contact information when booking so that we may get in touch with you if necessary.

All client profiles require a VALID method of payment be listed on file.A non-refundable booking fee that is later applied to the balance of each reservation is required to book and secure your reservation.

It is imperative that you book and confirm the services you expect to receive and any add ons that you will require. This will ensure that your technician will have sufficient time allotted to complete your requested services.

Any fees collected on mis booked reservations or reservations booked in violation of our policies and booking protocols will not be refunded.

You will need to bring the method of payment used to secure your reservation or another with you when you arrive, as we are only allowed to process your card in your absence if you do not show up for your reservation.

By booking, you authorize this business to charge the method of payment listed on your client profile a no-show fee of up to 100% of the originally scheduled service total should you miss your reservation without proper notification.

All appointments require 48 hr notice to cancel or reschedule.

Reservations requiring reschedule will require an additional non-refundable booking fee and may only be rescheduled one time. Should you need to reschedule your reservation a 2nd time a third non-refundable booking fee will apply and all booking fees collected previously will be forfeited. (2 reschedules= a cancelled reservation without notice)

should you be required to reschedule due to late arrival your reservation reschedule is required to be within 7 days and a rescheduling fee up to 50% of the service total will apply. if accommodated same day a 25% late fee will apply.

Make a Reservation: Reservation Requirements
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your elite esthetic experience awaits


our commitment to service

We are committed to providing a service experience that is simply superior to any esthetic experience you’ve had before. We welcome, and encourage, all feedback so that we may better accommodate you at each encounter.

Prefer a silent service, or particular playlist? Need to talk some things over through a little beauty therapy? Let us know! 

Your preference is our priority.

Make a Reservation: our commitment to care
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