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best european wax in spring

Luxe Smooth

face body and intimate waxing

Luxe Lair offers a full menu of face, body, and intimate waxing services.  Our luxurious European wax selection has been masterfully formulated with the highest quality materials in its class. Our coveted collection of wax has been curated with precious jewels in mind and the product qualities and quality reflects that. 

Our DIAMOND wax is our signature hybrid hypoallergenic wax. It is as pure as possible to provide services to any skin type including the most sensitive. It contains zero fragrance, colors, or allergen additives. Neuro-sensorial actives help mitigate unpleasant sensations associated with hair removal such as stinging of the skin. Diamond wax is a luxurious gellè consistency and has a very low melting point for a smooth and pleasant application experience. Diamond wax is very versatile and can be used for all areas.

Our CRYSTAL wax formula is perfect for all sensitive areas, very gentle on the skin and tough on hair. This premium quality crystal wax maintains its elasticity and eradicates hair in even the most intimate cracks and crevices with no irritation making it an exceptional choice for waxing around curves.

Our GRAPHITE wax was designed with our male clientele in mind. Its outstanding adhesion to the most coarse hair while still accommodating the needs of sensitive skin places this wax in a class of its own. This natural resin wax is safe for all applications. Iron dioxide softens the application, and manages the erythema and irritation commonly associated with men’s waxing. This element alone minimizes inflammation and elevates our mens waxing experience.

Our ONYX wax is our signature swift service wax roller. Its deep onyx color laminates larger areas in a luxuriously smooth liquid velvet application. It offers advanced adhesion to short, dense, and coarse terminal body hair. It’s formulated with titanium dioxide to be safe for sensitive skin types.

Our SAPPHIRE soft wax is a genuine gem. Safe for all hair and skin types, this hypoallergenic wax spreads like a luxury lacquer and removes clean. Soothing wild chamomile extract offers astringent properties that sooth the skin on contact and after removal.

We have a strict  NO double dipping policy and care for your skin from start to finish; pre and post treatments provided to best prep and pamper your skin.  Our wax specialists are Spring’s very own “Smooth Operators” ensuring a beyond bare hair removal experience.

Feel smooth all over with Luxe Lair's virtually painless, safe and quick waxing hair removal services for men & women that has helped us become the most sought after technicians in Spring and the surrounding area

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check out our blog on waxing for more information on how to care for your skin both pre and post service!

struggling with ingrown hairs? book any intimate wax service and receive a complimentary sample serum to banish those bumps for good!

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