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How to Find an Esthetician


Estheticians are state licensed health and wellness professionals that focus primarily on the health, condition and beautification of the skin, as well as the improvement of your overall image.

The practice of esthetics covers a wide array of techniques that may include (but certainly is not limited to) lash enhancements, eyelash extensions, waxing, chemical peels, and facials/facial treatments. Many professionals even opt to include advanced modalities in their practice. They might even complete advanced training to render services such as skin resurfacing, semi permanent cosmetics and permanent hair removal. Thorough consideration when selecting an esthetician mitigates the turmoil associated with malpractice. It is important to learn what to look for when trying to find the best esthetician for you.

Here are the triple C’s to consider when choosing a diamond quality esthetician

Certification: The first and foremost area of concern when choosing a professional is their license and certifications. The license alone is what legally allows the professional to provide a service and the certificates are what qualifies the professional you select to render your treatments in any specific area, indicating that they have received additional training, and have been recognized for their completion of the training programs. Take a moment to consider rather the professional is also competent and confident in their knowledge about their area of service. This is so that they can best advise you, and in some cases even refer you to another more qualified professional better suited for your needs when appropriate.

Client focused: selecting a professional that is client focused is paramount because this will ensure that you will always receive a service that is BEST FOR YOU and not just what’s best for the business they work within. To often clients rely on marketing to tell them what they need but the truth is what you need is someone with your best interest at heart. As a client, you can lust after the most luscious set of luxurious lashes but, if this request could compromise the integrity of your lash line for example a client focused professional can effectively navigate their way to a service that best meets your needs all things considered!


Select a professional that is committed to educating you: The best esthetician’s are not just knowledgeable about their areas of expertise but can also effectively educate you so that you can feel confident in the esthetic decisions you make from products to procedures!

While we wish this weren’t the case, It’s rather unrealistic to believe that the esthetician you select will be able to service you for eternity. People relocate, and circumstances change; for this reason it is paramount to select a professional that is committed to educating you! This is what makes your service selections investments in your image for life and money well spent.

Select an individual that is committed to quality of service: It’s important to understand that while there may be many options when it comes to beauty booking, the best option is one that prioritizes quality over quantity. These professionals not only have the BEST products available to service you with, but they have also acquired the advanced training necessary to use the products appropriately; which vastly effects efficacy in any situation. You want a professional that is not only working with the BEST PRODUCTS, but also uses THE BEST PRACTICES. These professionals are proud and open about the products that have their stamp of approval and their accolades reflect this. An easy example of this is the difference between a luxury automobile service and taking your Lamborghini to the 5 minute quick oil. If you have ever experienced a service that exceeds your expectations when compared to the experiences you’ve had previously, suddenly, and for reasons you cannot exactly identify, the difference is the professional and the professionals choice!

Is it ever appropriate to have multiple esthetician’s: YES it is. While having one esthetician that you can trust to render all of your self care services is both amazing, and amazingly convenient, it’s not always possible to find an esthetician that is equally experienced in all service areas. Not every esthetician is proficient in all aspects of esthetics. Some professionals choose to focus their practice exclusively in one service area such as facials, waxing, or lashing.

While every esthetician should understand the foundations of practice this expectation covers very general theory. It is only through advanced training and experience that one gains the practice they need to excel in any area and even continued education for the lifespan of their career. Remember practice makes perfect, and selecting a more seasoned professional with many years of experience will increase the chances of that professional being able to meet your needs entirely; rather they have been practicing in many service areas or one.

Luxe Lair Esthetics is committed to ensuring that the process of selecting an esthetician is as natural as the beauty within. We pride ourselves on being home to diamond quality estheticians so that we can consistently deliver Spring’s Elite Esthetic Experience. Text our concierge at 7376002521 to schedule a sip and see tea reservation where you can sit down with a professional on our team to discuss your needs in greater detail, and determine if we might be a good fit for you!

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