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What? When? Where? WAX!

It’s talk to me Tuesday y’all and this week we are discussing all things wax! If you’ve been neglecting your nether regions or are lacking a long term hair removal plan this is a blog you won’t want to miss! 

Hair removal wax

What is waxing?

Waxing is a depilatory service or service rendered to remove unwanted hair from the body. Applied in a thin layer and quickly removed, (leaving no hair left behind on your behind ;) ) waxing allows you to bare your body at it's barest, hold the grizzly!! When done correctly waxing can be painless. While pain tolerance can vary from person to person, waxing should be minor and brief discomfort similar to quick band-aid removal. some clients may experience temporary redness or pin point bleeding which is considered a normal side effect. 

When do we wax? 

This depends on what you expect from your wax. Committed clients recognize waxing as a hygiene practice with the added benefit of retarding hair growth overtime, and they wax regularly to reap that benefit, every 4-6 weeks to be exact. Others tend to wax less regularly, reserving services for vanity based around special occasions or vacations.

Bare derrière Brazilian wax service

Set yourself up for service success: 

waiting until the hair you wish to have removed is at least the length of a grain of rice

(1/4 inch). Thoroughly exfoliate your skin 72-48 hours prior to your scheduled service to will remove any dead skin cells that may trap fine hairs beneath the surface of your skin. making an additional effort to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized will reduce the trauma your skin experiences during the service. 

Be proactive and prepared for your skin's inflammatory response. Allergic to bees? notify your service provider. Prone to ingrown hairs? don’t leave without taking home a product that addresses that. 

Where do we wax? 

At Luxe Lair Esthetics of course! Any area you have unwanted hair can be waxed; from your ears to your nose, and underarm to your toes, why be grizzly when you can be bare?!

Luxe Lair offers a full menu of face, body, and intimate waxing services. Our luxurious European wax selection has been masterfully formulated with the highest quality materials in its class. Our coveted collection of wax has been curated with precious jewels in mind and the product qualities and quality reflects that. It works effectively to remove hair gently, safely, and efficiently; even the most coarse hair on the most sensitive skin. 

We have a strict  NO double dipping policy and care for your skin from start to finish; pre and post treatment.  We do waxing the way waxing was supposed to be done. 

Lower leg waxing

Feel smooth all over with Luxe Lair's virtually painless, safe and quick waxing hair removal services for men & women that has helped us become the most sought after technicians in Spring, and the surrounding area.

View our entire wax service menu using this link. 

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