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Bye Bye Blemish


Never fear your favorite esthetician is here to help you make the most mindful decision on what to do when this happens to you.

Not everyone has acneic skin but most everyone experiences congestion to a degree that creates impaction and inflammation. Rather it’s your hormones, diet, lifestyle, habits, or hygiene eventually these things will come to a head (pun intended). For those of us that experience the occasional breakout vs acne it may not have occurred how important having the right products on hand really is. Nothing is worse than having a bunch of nothing that works when you’re in dire need of something that does. Having solutions in place no matter the case keeps you purposefully prepared. Let’s take a second to discuss acne actives and how they work to make sure you’re competent and confident in the artillery you select for your emergency arsenal.

Acne Actives and ingredients: Acids are perfect for desquamation. They work by penetrating the pore on a molecular level and dissolving or dislodging the pore pollutants. While many acids can work to reduce acne the best spot treatments contain one or more of the following ingredients.

Salicylic acid

Benzoyl peroxide


These are the most common clinically effective active ingredients but some additional ingredients may be found like anti-biotics, mandelic acid, tea tree oil, or willow tree bark extract. Now that we have discussed the actives your emergency plan should contain. Let’s discuss the best way to go about selecting a solution that works best for you.

Do not purchase under stress, duress, or impulse: this almost always leads to buyers remorse. instead, consider purchasing a product when you purchase the skin care you use daily so that you select a product that is compatible with your routine, and you have it on hand when you need it.

Be mindful of expiration to use frequency ratio when purchasing. Buying based on the volume of the product you select hoping for the best value could come back to bite you. Having 4 oz of a product you use 4 times a year is not only wasteful but it’s a poor choice when it comes to your pores because the product will likely expire before you’ve even used half of it. Using products past expiration could lead to more blemishes to banish! The products offering the biggest bang for your buck are clinically active, contain quality ingredients (not irritating fillers and alcohols like most OTC spot treatments) and offer the most benefit within your budget. This means it is a product that is consistently accessible and affordable, that your skin can depend on when you find yourself in a blemish bind.

Have realistic expectations: contrary to popular belief the blemishes you experience are not born overnight. Blemishes begin developing in our skin before they become visible. In some cases you may even feel them before you see them. With this being said it’s rather unrealistic to presume that there is any product on the market that will literally zap your zit instantly. The most effective product is the product purchased with all these things considered.

Use the product as directed: may seem silly, but I cannot stress this enough, over applying a product hoping to get that zit gone can really damage your skin creating another beauty blunder, like burns or hyperpigmentation.

Be patient: Evaluating your skin thoroughly each time you cleanse will give you the opportunity to treat the blemish as soon evidence presents which will reduce the inflammation as the blemish reaches the surface, and speed recovery. Picking your skin or attempting to resolve the impaction on your own will only introduce more bacteria to the site, prolonging recovery, and risking scarring.

We know image imperfections can be daunting and show up and the most inconveinient times (As if there ever is one), but there are some things you can do to minimize the inevitable

be diligent in defense- staying on top of your routine daily best prepares the best defense

be anal about your linens- sheets and towels harbor bacteria and should be changed every 3-5 days. Don't forget to include night time headwear you may use to protect your hair at night.

be germ free- disinfect your phone and ear-pods daily

hands off- keep touching your skin to a minimum and always wash your hands first.

save the dates- be mindful of product and cosmetic expiration

keep clean- ensure that you are cleaning your makeup brushes regularly

do not assist- minimize ear jewelry and hair styles and habits that function as mode of transportation for ick and irritants from your hair to your face like constantly stroking your hair or leaning on your hands.

be proactive and purchase blemish eraser - Préserver la Peau . com

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