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What's Really Going on with Your Skin?: part 2 Identifying your Skin Type.

Last week we discussed analyzing the skin. This week on talk to me Tuesday we are going to talk about your type: skin type that is!


Identifying your skin type

Browsing the aisles of your favorite retailers, and spas, or even the endless skincare retail options online (alongside DIY 😱 vlogs🙄) can be both overwhelming and confusing. Knowing your skin type can grossly improve your success rate in regards to both service selection as well as shopping for products. 

There are 4 main skin types: normal, dry, oily, and combination skin. Subtypes may include conditional aspects that are prevalent such as sensitive (reactive), acneic (blemish prone), mature (aging), compromised (influenced extensively by internal or external factors that cannot be easily resolved such as medicine/medical treatment/psychiatric). Each type presents with a specific set of factors indicating its classification. These indicators allow your professional to easily identify and assess your skin's needs as well as provide insight as to how your skin may respond to certain ingredients, services, and treatments. 

We discussed normal skin last week when we talked about what to expect when you inspect your dermis and this type presents as a baseline or benchmark if you will. Clients presenting with this skin type may feel as though little to no treatment is required however preventive and preservative maintenance is the best protocol. Remember our skin reflects whats going on in our bodies and that is changing daily. lifestyle and hormone factors alone will impact the condition of skin daily. Having low maintenance, seemingly flawless skin on the surface in your 20's does not guarantee that you will have flawless skin in your 30's and beyond.

Dry wrinkle prone skin

Not always, but commonly comorbid with mature skin, is dry skin. This type may present as dull or lack luster, and maybe even dehydrated. While the minimized pore appearance is a plus, the lack of water/oil present, alongside the higher rate of trans-epidermal water loss (or TEWL), can present premature aging. A protocol that focuses on both speeding cellular turnover, as will as hydration would be ideal for this skin type; while treatment room options that promote collagen and elastin production would be praise worthy for this skin type. 

We recognize oil as an occlusive in esthetics or a means to trap and seal in moisture and an oily skin type naturally does just that. It’s ability to produce its own oil is a pre-existing powerhouse against the earliest signs of aging. Natural oils defend your skin against TEWL allowing it to retain a plump, supple, and hydrated appearance. While the appearance of the pores on this skin type may be larger many will agree that a slightly larger pore is the trade for having not skin that is wrinkle prone. Because the pore size is larger it is more common to find the presence of congestion. 

Combination skin is a literal combination of any of the aforementioned types and their subtypes. You should note that oily skin can still be dehydrated, while dry skin can present with normal hydration levels. hydration refers to the moisture content of the skin while "oily/dry" terms specifically refer to the sebum production.

At Luxe Lair Esthetics every Luxe Skin reservation receives a thorough consultation, evaluation, and treatment plan with each service. We keep client notes on file reducing the risk for repetition or regression, ensuring that you are on your way to luxe skin you’re lusting after! 

Click below to explore our signature services and determine what esthetic experiences interest you most. Which service is most appealing to you and why? Have you had any of these services before? Comment below and let’s engage! 

Next week we will continue our fall in love with fabulous skin blog series with part 3: evaluating your skin's needs. In this blog post will discuss how to GLOW FOR THE GOALS! your skin goals that is!!!! 

See you next week at the lounge💁🏽‍♀️ 


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