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What's Really Going on with Your Skin? part 4: Services to Consider

Facial modalities and recommended treatments

Now that we have thoroughly discussed skin analysis, classification, and evaluation it’s time to take a closer look at the tools of the trade! 

As with any industry technology is rapidly changing day to day operations and skin care is no exception! Technological advances (though daunting, and eeek dare we say expen$ive) typically work to improve efficacy in any realm. Efficacy is the name of game in esthetics. Not only do we as skin professionals want to deliver the most effective treatments to our clients but we know clients want, and have come to expect, the same. This week we will discuss a few modalities and treatments, and how professionals use them to deliver the rave worthy results we are all after! 

microdermabrasion - uses microscopic abrasives to resurface skin. This is particularly helpful to skin that is over keratinized, or requires a physical abrasion to correct complexion and improve texture. Think of this treatment as sandblasting the skin.  

hydradermabrasion - uses high pressured serums and (vacuum assisted) negative pressure to extract impurities from our skin and infuse nutrients simultaneously. If your complexion has open comedones, is extremely dry, or aging this is a service that is one mother of a multi-tasker! Think of this treatment as power washing the skin.

micro needling - uses sterile microscopic needles to create channels to access deeper dermal layers. These pathways are taken by potions that protect and perfect the overall appearance of your skin. Think of this treatment as aerating the skin. 

microcurrent - uses microscopic currents to send messages to the muscles in your face waking them up and lifting them. If you are experiencing signs of sagging this is a service you won’t want to skip in treatment; and your esthetician may even recommend home devices to support your in office results. Think of this treatment as your skin at the gym. Even if you meet with your trainer once a week (in this case your esthetician) you'd still need to work out on your own to attain and maintain results.  

High-frequency - uses inert gas in an glass electrode to produce Neon or violet rays that work to address many skin concerns from bacteria to poor circulation and complements many other treatments quite well. The electrode essentially zaps bacteria away and stimulates blood flow to increase oxygen to your skin. Think of this treatment as electrocuting impactions and eradicating inter-dermal obstacles to oxygen. 

dermaplaning - uses a scalpel to gently remove layers of dead tissue and vellous hair from the face. This allows the applied products to treat the skin at a more vulnerable level with minimal resistance thus improving efficacy.  

chemical peels - uses low ph alpha and beta hydroxy acids to resurface and remodel the skin at varying depths. These in office peels may or may not cause visible physical peeling of the skin. These are particularly helpful with working to improve acne lesions and aging skin. Think of this treatment as a professionally controlled chemical burn that only affects dermal dilemmas.

enzymes- an active component of care that works to naturally digest and break down the epidermis making extractions easier and delivering a brighter complexion overall. Think of this treatment as a heavy duty cleanser that leaves a surface sparkling. 

Rather you decide to book the reservation your dermis deserves for fun or function no responsible professional should ever render a service you don’t need or one that is contraindicated for any reason. In your treatment plan you will find suggested services to work towards your desired result. Consider these suggestions prescriptions. Be sure to ask questions so you can better understand why the treatments are suggested and what to expect from them.    

At The Luxe Lair we strive to deliver an efficient and effective experience. Our Luxe Skin menu isn’t just laden with relaxation, but results! We offer all of these treatments and more in both express and signature protocols.

If you haven’t tried the latest skin trend but you’re interested we wanna know! tag us in your favorite facial posts on social media and tell us why you think you would be a good candidate for a chance to be selected for a free service in our studio! Do you have questions about these treatments? sound off below!


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