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Your Luxe Lash Reservation: Communicating for your best set yet.

eyelash extension application

Ahhhhh the wonderful world of LASH ENHANCEMENTS 😍 the single most popular accessory to take your look from drab to FAB, from flirt to WERK, from just ok to SLAY ALL DAY, and ...well you get the idea! Lashes give your look the curves it deserves and girlfriend boobs aren’t the only things being lifted! 

Though they can seem pricey this is a service you’ll want to splurge on because well...they are on your face! Here we will discuss industry specifics, how to communicate, and what to select for your best set yet to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for! 

so what is it that I’m paying for exactly? I’m glad you asked! Prices will vary greatly amongst stylist. This is typically based on the professional, insurance, state licensing, setting, products, tools and supplies, appropriate sanitation and disposables, the type of lash service requested, and lastly their time, skill, education, and experience. As you can see the tab can add up quite quickly, this is a luxury service so expect a price that reflects such. 

am I getting what I’m paying for?

The most common miscommunication in the lash enhancement realm can be avoided by simply being able to identify what it is you want. Simply booking any random lash service probably won’t end well. This may seem like a no-brainer but with all the various techniques, trends, and cutesy names it can be hard to differentiate between strip lash and whiplash! 

Let's get a little bit technical for a second. There are two types of lash services, generally speaking: services that enhance your natural lashes and professionally applied eyelash extensions. 

eye lash lift and tint

Services that may enhance your natural lashes include eyelash tinting and lifting, while eyelash extension options semipermanently extend the length of your lashes. 

It is important that as a client you understand the following: When you select a lash enhancement service the lash artist is literally using your natural lashes only. This is significant because this means that the result is LARGELY contingent upon the length, curl, and density of your natural lash line. Some clients may be able to achieve extension like results with lash enhancement services however, it is important to note that these clients have dense and lengthy lashes naturally. With that being said, if you are a client that has few and fine natural lashes but still desire a full result, you may want to skip enhancements all together and instead opt for a full set of falsies! 

While the lash enhancement service options are all pretty straight forward, lash extension services may require one to be a little more specific, as there are many types to choose from. You will want to become familiar with these options so that you can select the set that is best for you! Let’s give them a look see below!

strip lashes

Strip lashes are lashes pre-arranged on a strip to be applied just above the lash line for the most temporary application. This might be for you if you don’t wear lashes daily but on occasions, and prefer to have a no-maintenance lash extension option. 

These strips can be applied with a latex adhesive or even magnets and/or magnetic eye liner. A strip lash application will typically cost $20 -$60 and may or may not include the actual strip lash. These lashes are commonly applied same day by a client, hair stylist, make-up artist, or even a nail technician and are designed to last for 4-8 hours or the duration of a single event. 

Application time could take 10-20 minutes depending on the sanitation protocol and the experience of the person applying them. These lashes should be easy to remove on your own using make up remover. This is not a professionally regulated service. 

cluster lashes

Cluster lashes, also known as “individual” or “party lashes”, are typically used for applications that require a bit more lasting ability than their strip style cousin. They are applied with a different adhesive designed to withstand wear only slightly better than a strip lash application and also allow for more creativity with application technique.

This is not a long term option and they should only last about 3-5 days (7 days maximum and in rare occasions). These lashes are not individually isolated so wearing them for extended periods of time can greatly weaken your natural lash line and overtime increase the risk for lash-line traction alopecia. Cluster lashes are perfect for a party packed weekend because they should last at least that long before the adhesive weakens and risks present.

These lashes may require professional removal so it’s a good idea to look for professionals that include removal service in their application price or at the very least offer it as a stand alone service.  While these lashes are frowned upon by many professionals, their main gripes revolve around poor technique, and horrid removal practices with no regard for the clients natural lash health. These things can be avoided by selecting a competent professional that has clean practices and a pro-active damage prevention plan in place (pre-booked removals/does not offer fill service etc). They should thoroughly educate you on what’s taking place so you can better care for your lashes, understand the risks, and eliminate potential damage. These lashes can be applied without damage when done correctly as long as the client understands the concept as well as the limitations associated with the service.

These lashes aren’t as much of an initial investment which means very low commitment to the look. A cluster lash service typically costs about $40-$80 on average depending on product and material selection, location, and experience of the lash service professional, making it a popular choice amongst beauties on a budget. These lashes are typically applied by clients, hair stylists, make up artist, and even nail technicians. This is not a professionally regulated service. 

Professionally Applied Lash Extensions 

types of eyelash extensions

Classic lash extensions are done by licensed professionals ONLY. These lash extensions are essentially eyelash grafting. This service applies one synthetic lash to each natural lash on your lash line. These sets average about $100-$300 give or take, and require that fill services be rendered to maintain the look (fill service prices can vary but about 50% or so of the initial application cost is to be expected). 

The adhesive used to apply this type of extension is medical grade, expires rapidly, and requires extensive training for use. This option withstands wear even better than the aforementioned options, as it is water proof and oil resistant. 

Because this option is permanently adhered to a single isolated lash it allows your natural lash to grow and shed naturally as any healthy lash-line would. When applied correctly and professionally this eliminates risks significantly and allows you to enjoy lashes daily without damage to your natural lash. 

These sets tend to be more of an initial investment; both in time and cost, as it typically takes 2 or more hours to apply a full set. Not only are you paying for time and product but also the education and experience  of your lash service professional as you would with any medical professional for example. New artists will be priced closer to the $100-$150 price range while an experienced professional may collect $200-$600 or more per set depending on their location, materials, and demographics. This set should be considered an investment in preserving the integrity of your natural lashes. 

You definitely get what you pay for as it relates to classic lash application. An experienced professional has already mastered techniques that influence the quality of the final look as well as the retention or lifespan of the set. Classic lashes are a great option for a client that prefers not to deal with application at all and needs a longer lasting option for a “wake up in your makeup” look. This option is notorious for its ability to replace mascara and eye liner application on a daily basis, making it a go to favorite for gals on the go! 

It should be noted that the number of healthy natural lashes you have will be the exact number of lashes extended in a classic lash application. This factor does vary the result a bit. The length of your natural lash is also indicative of the length that a professional should apply. No one should apply a lash that is greater than 50% of your natural lash length (or 2-6 mm on average). If you believe that you would be happier having not only longer lashes but more lashes overall than volume or hybrid options may best suit you.

Volume lash extensions use the same principles and concept as classic lashes except this technique allows the artist to apply multiple lighter weight extensions to a single natural lash. Because these lashes are lighter in weight, both the length and density can be manipulated simultaneously. This allows the client to enjoy all the length luxuries of a classic set PLUS the option to build volume or create the illusion of a more dense lash line without risk, making it a favorite amongst clients who may not have the most dense lash-line to begin with or those who desire a more dramatic lash look daily. This is an advanced technique so you should expect to spend more time and money per service.

Hybrid lash extensions use both classic lash application technique and and volume lash application technique in a single set. Only slightly pricier than classics and not nearly as expensive as volume, a hybrid set is the perfect set for someone wanting to diversify their styling options without picking either classic nor volume lashes exclusively.

Style preference 

Now that you know how to identify what set you want it’s time to talk style options! 

eyelash styling

As you may have guessed style options are just as endless as a list of personalities and can be a reflection of your individuality. Some play it safe and natural while others play up their lash lines with doll or cat eye styling, fun colors, exaggerated length and curls, volume, and even glitter! Being familiar with your eye and face shape can help you narrow this down significantly. From there it can be fairly easy to add your own personal preferences on top! Take a look at the figure above to see what shape might compliment your eyes best.


The most frequently used material as it relates to lash extensions is a vegan, man made poly-blend fiber that most closely resembles our natural lashes and is safe for the use in the eye area. A less popular choice is silk which is beautiful, but does not hold a curl well. The least popular is mink animal fur/hair which is not only cruel to animals but, also results in an inconsistent result since man cannot control the density of each animals coat. Additionally, mink is also finer than most clients would ever be pleased with. Because natural hairs contain oil, the retention of your set is compromised, it also poses an additional allergy risk, all while carrying a significantly steeper price tag and is less resistant to bacteria when compared to the synthetic lash (classic sets typically start around $600 if you aren't paying this much you're probably not getting authentic mink hair lash extensions).


The second most common mistake when booking your new look is misaligned expectations. It is important to understand that not every set of lashes are created equally. What looks great on you may look horrible on a friend. The natural lash foundation your lash artist has to work with from the start will likely impact the final result. 

A good lash artist will complete a consultation with you to gain a better understanding of your expectations. This is so she may assist you in setting your expectations appropriately for your individual case, and make professional styling suggestions. It is a It’s always a good idea to bring along or share some lash inspo, or photos of sets that are most appealing to you so you don’t misbook your reservation and happily leave with the set of your dreams. 

At luxe lair we are committed to ensuring you are happy with your set! For this reason each client is extended a consultation as well as, a complimentary courtesy fill reservation*. This is to verify satisfaction and make any changes to your set or style you may deem necessary. This guarantees each client gets a chance at a total luxury lash experience in order  to best decide if lash extensions are something you want to make a part of your look and your lifestyle. 

Please note that at this time we are not currently offering eye-lash extensions however we do offer enhancements in our brow and lash bar. view our full lash and brow menu here:

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